Qualitative Study of Iranian Infertile Females


Background: Infertility is a complex phenomenon, which threatens everyone and every family. Females are threatened more due to various social differences.

Objectives: The goal of this study was to explore the experiences of infertile females, who had referred to a public center of infertility in Shiraz, Iran.

Methods: This was a qualitative study based on four focus groups and four in-depth interviews with 25 infertile females. Transcribed data were analyzed using conventional content analysis.

Results: Four themes were extracted from the data, which were life without excitement, social pressures, low self-esteem and treatment problems. Although it seems that these themes are variable, they present a total reality, which leads to a bitter life.

Conclusions: Infertile females are under multidimensional pressures involving psychological, social and economic aspects of their life and interpersonal relationships. This condition leads to a bitter situation for these people.